Dmytro Oleksiyovych Domanov

Born on September 26, 1974 in the city of Donetsk. After graduating from Khai Khai, from 1997 to 2017, Dmytro worked at Antonov State Enterprise as an aircraft flight test engineer.

He was a professional in his field. It is Dmitri’s merit that for 20 years of his work, tickets to heaven received such Antonov aircraft as An-38-200, An-225, An-124, An-148, An-70, An-158, An-178, An-2-100, An-22.

Since 2014, Dmytro has been a volunteer, an active member of the SOS Army, one of the creators of the Valkyrie UAV, which now they are defending Ukraine.
Since 2017, he has worked at Ros-Avia. Conducted certification regarding the installation of a new one equipment on Mi-8T, Mi-8MTV1, K-32 rotorcraft, and An-26, An-12, An-32, An-74, Il-76 aircraft.

Dmytro Domanov, was boundlessly in love with the sky, his family and Ukraine. He was real a patriot, an unsurpassed father, a reliable and wise husband and colleague, a true son his Motherland.

On October 5, 2020, during the test flight of the ANG-01 aircraft, Dmytro died.
Dmytro is survived by his wife Valentina and minor daughter Margo, who live in Ukraine, the city of Kyiv.

If you want to help Dmytro’s wife and daughter, you can transfer funds to details:


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